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eleanorj92: Maid of Honour & Best Man 💑💕


Sure. Let’s just go down to the Anus Hole and get some ice cream


*doesn’t check bank account*
*pretends everything is fine*


uan was a fever dream I honestly can’t explain it to anyone who didn’t live through it

tavr0ss whispered: what does puta mean?


It means companion or best friend :)

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny.

mycatsneezeslikealot whispered: if men and women should have equal rights then why are you against men wanting rights? feminism isn't about women being better then men is it?...


im against men complaining about wanting ‘mens rights’ because it’s never about wanting anything other than to silence and talk over women.

if men’s rights activists worked to open crisis centers for male victims of abuse and survivors of sexual violence i would love that. if men’s rights activists worked toward support and parenting classes and education for single fathers that would be amazing. if men’s rights activists worked toward educating fellow men on practicing safe sex and consent i would be so on board. if men’s rights activists worked toward breaking down the chains of racism of their brothers of colour i would be so happy. if men’s rights activists advocated for anything of value i would be so down for it all.

instead men’s rights activists sit on the fucking internet talking over women and attempting to silence them and their oppression with arbitrary add-ons, bullshit about the friendzone, and useless fucking nonsense.

so no. i have zero use for men’s rights activists because it’s never about advocating for things men need and instead it’s always about making sure women shut up about what they need. they aren’t “men’s rights activists” they’re “anti women activists”. point blank.

finally feminism is not about women being better than men nor is it about being equal to men. feminism is about women being liberated from men. i have no desire to be considered “equal” to the system of power that allows men to abuse, murder, and rape us. i want liberation from patriarchy and men.

The X-Files 1x01 (1993) | The Fall 1x01 (2013)


reasons as to why you shouldn’t buy the daily mirror !